Oregon Long Range Shooting School ($2095)
6 persons per class maximum
Class dates:

April 19-22 - 2019
April 26-29 - 2019
May 17-20 - 2019
May 24-27 - 2019

Texas Long Range Shooting School ($1595)
12 persons per class maximum
Class dates:


     Come join us at our Texas facility (Just outside of College Station, TX). This 3-Day intensive program will give you the skills to engage targets quickly and effectively at long range. Days are long, with classroom sessions in the moring, and will shoot till 5pm or 6pm every evening. We provide our 140 page course curriculum is guaranteed to make you a better shot and hunter in the field.

Call for Reservations! Class size limited to 12 student.

Oregon 2-Day Long Range Shooting School ($995)
6 persons per class maximum
Class dates:


    Our intensive 2-Day Shooting School allows you to get your feet wet and hone your skills for that upcoming hunt. All you need to do is show up and bring your personal hearing and eye protection. We supply the rest: precision rifles, optics, cleaning gear, etc. The only thing additional you pay for is the ammunition you shoot. Don't let inferior equipment stand in the way of your success; use our precision rifles allowing you to concentrate on perfecting your technique in the field! At the end of your 2 days, you will be smoking targets to 500 yards on demand!

Oregon Precision Reloading Classes ($500)
4 persons per class maximum
Class dates:

April 30- May 1 - 2019
May 21-22 - 2019

    We supply all components for the course, Winchester 308 brass, Sierra 168 Matchkings, primers and Varget powder. Students use our loading equipment to perform all loading tasks, from neck turning/measuring, brass prep, priming, powdering and seating for the completed round. We provide this course to help the student gain a complete understanding of load development, including seating depth, powder and primer choices and other critical factors involved in the creation of consistently accurate and optimum-power ammunition. We keep the loaded rounds for shooting school students.

Contact us any time by phone during working hours
(9:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST)
for appointments for private tutorials.
E-mails are another option that can be used any time you like.

Phone: 541.439.5155
Fax: 541.439.2105
P.O. Box 69 / Powers, Oregon  97466
E-mail -

THANK YOU for your interest in our Long Range Shooting School. In order to make your stay and learning curve as productive as possible, we recommend that the following items be brought to the school. We have many of the items listed in the event they are not available to you.

1. Rifle and 300 rounds of ammunition. Fixed or Variable powered scope with windage and elevation knobs. A mil-dot reticle, or Holland's Advanced Reticle Technology (preferred). Good hearing protection (we recommend electronic ear muffs). Harris "S" series biopod (6 to 9" model is the best) for your rifle. Depending on your body size (larger individuals require the 9" to 13" model).

*We also offer rifle rentals! $100 per day, plus the cost of ammunition used. We supply the ammunition. By using a hi-tech rental rifle, you avoid the frustration of not having the right equiptment when coming to school. Don't let poor equipment or an inadequate rifle spoil your attempts at becoming a better shot!*

2. Cleaning and maintenance equipment for your rifle. We have those items available.

3. Good boots, shooting clothes and camouflage gear. Thin shooting gloves are a good idea. Rain gear is also recommended. (Yes, we shoot in the rain).

4. Binoculars, wind meter, spotting scope, shooting mat, and tripod are handy items to bring.

5. Mil-dot Master is available at our Company Store.

6. We ask that you be in reasonable physical condition. If you have a medical condition, we need to be aware of it. You will shooting from a variety of positions in the field, both uphill and downhill.

7. Motels are available in Myrtle Point and Coquille: We recommend the Myrtle Tree Motel. 1-541-572-5811, These are nice accomodations, approximately 20-30 mnutes from Powers. Make reservations for your stay. SUV rental is recommended, but not mandatory. We will take a break for lunch in Powers. Meals are not included in tuition price.

8. Safety violations will not be tolerated. You'll receive one warning, the next one will send you packing! A portion of your course fee will be refunded. Please brush up on your safety skills before you arrive.

9. Course cost is $2095.00 for 4 days in Oregon. A $500.00 (non-refundable) deposit is required to reserve your place in the school. If for some reason you are unable to attend the school, we will forward your deposit for the next available class that year. Private tutorials are available. Call for pricing.

10. Class times are from 8:30 am through 5:30 or 6:00pm.

11. There are many airports to fly into when coming. There is North Bend, OR.(OTH), Eugene, OR. (EUG), and Portland International (PDX). They are 1 hour, 3 hours, and 5 hours away respectively from our location.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or e-mail us any time!

We look forward to seeing you!

Darrell Holland and Staff

One of the many satisfied classes from our schools! All classes are small enough to guarantee that each student receives the personalized attention necessary to get the most from each of the classes.

Our schooling is all "hands-on" and every shooter gets his turn at practicing techniques guaranteed to make him a skilled long range shooter.
We provide nothing but the finest equipment and ammunition to our students, as well as offering help in making his or her own weapon and ammo the best it can be.

One of our proud students accepting his diploma from Darrell Holland himself!

Darrell Holland and his associate Vinni Jacques, an Army Ranger wounded in combat while delivering water to Iraqi children.

Become the Shot You've Always Wanted to Be!

If you need more information on our school or just information in general,
simply use the contact section in the menu

Item No. Description In Stock Our Price Buy
CE-ODMG-RH Comb Elevator - OD MIL Green - RH Yes $70.00
CE-ODMG-LH Comb Elevator - OD MIL Green - LH Yes $72.00
BP-LO Bi-Pod Lock Yes $26.00
HAR-BRM Harris Bi-Pod - BRM - 6-9 inches Yes $130.00
HAR-LM Harris Bi-Pod - LM - 9-13 inches Yes $130.00
HLRHS-L Holland Long Range Hooded Sweatshirt - L Yes $40.00
HLRHS-XL Holland Long Range Hooded Sweatshirt - XL Yes $40.00
HLRHS-XXL Holland Long Range Hooded Sweatshirt - XXL Yes $40.00
LRSSH Long Range Shooting School Hat Yes $15.00
MIL-MAS Mildot Master with Manual Yes $40.00
H-SB-FB-SM Shooting Bags - Holland Field Bag - SM Yes $24.00
H-SB-FB-Med Shooting Bags - Holland Field Bag - Med Yes $30.00
H-SB-FB-LG-B Shooting Bags - Holland Field Bag - LG Bench Yes $52.50
TSP Tactical Shooters Pouch Yes $33.00
If you see a "0" in the order number box, call us for current pricing.

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