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    Each Holland Custom Rifle is meticulously hand-crafted on customer-supplied Remington 700 action. Action blueprinting, Holland's Competition recoil lug, Holland oversize firing pin and Jewell trigger are standard equipment. Our SIGNATURE SERIES™ fiberglass stock is the finest offering on the market.The high comb, palm swell, deluxe checkering and and 3/8" cast-off provide the shooter with excellent stock weld and lightning fast handling. The barelled action is pillar bedded on 82º counterbored columns, with our special screws. This unique bedding system provides more consistent torquing and repeatability than conventional pillared systems. Each rifle is fitted with a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad and cut to customer specified L.O.P. Stock colors in molded gel-coat are O.D. green, black and tan, or dark gray and white. Swivel studs installed at customer's request. Holland super stud in forend. Barrel contours available: Number 2 through Remington Varmint. Lengths to 26 inches on heavier contours. Barrels polished or glass beaded. Options: Muzzle brakes, Tactical bolt handle, Tuff-Coated barrel, scopes and custom mounts.

    Finally, a rifle with design features that represent thought rather than mindless adherence to tradition. Holland Signature Series™ rifle's are custom tailored to the individual with total performance in mind. Our adjustable comb stock allows the shooter to fit the comb height for perfect alignment to the rifle scope. This provides the best stock weld possible creating a solid, repeatable shooting position. The comb is ambidextrous and features a single take down screw, no unsightly knobs and bolts to adjust.

Our palm swell fits the hand comfortably, is not too bulky and the custom checkering is coarse enough to provide a firm grip under wet, or cold conditions. The forend flat allows the use of a Picatinny rail mount for night hunting with a light or other rail accessories.

Our Signature Series™ Action is machined from solid bar stock, features spiral bolt fluting, jewell trigger and longer bolt knob. Our small firing pin hole eliminates primer cratering, the large Sako style extractor and proper placement of the constant tension ejector provides the shooter with the best possible extraction/ejection system.

Our Anti-Rotational Bedding System assures perfect repeatability using non-compressible aluminum columns and our special 82° counter-bore screws. All barrels are free floated and meticulously fitted to each action with minimum headspace and optimum throating allowing the user to seat bullets to touch the landes with most bullets.

Stock pitch is set at neutral for fast shooter recovery and each stock is fitted with our special recoil pad that is contoured to your shoulder for positive/repeatable stock placement.

Our SUPER STUD is installed in the forend for a bi-pod and will not pull out from the stock, rear swivels are located behind the pistol grips so as not to interfere with a rear bag support in the prone position.

When considering a Holland Signature Series™ Rifle, we recommend selecting a Leupold or Schmidt & Bender rifle scope fitted with Advanced Reticle Technology. This scope and rifle package allows the shooter to perform on all fronts, from targets, big game, or tactical shoots. Advanced Reticle Technology is non-caliber specific allowing the shooter to range and engage targets faster and farther with any zero under any environmental condition.

Utilizing our new SIGNATURE SERIES™ Thumbhole stock, this ultimate sniper example has all the features shared by our other custom rifles. This rifle is used by SERT and SWAT teams around the country. Superior accuracy through total weapon control makes this rifle the one you want when someone's life is on the line.

Formula 1™ Series:
Available in both long and short actions, this package comes with a #5 Douglass or Remington Varmint contours. Barrel is Tuff-coated in black. Features Holland's SIGNATURE SERIES™ sporter stock in molded Gel-Coat™ in O.D. green, black and tan/gray . Chambered in 70 different calibers, add a Leupold, Schmidt & Bender or Nightforce riflescope with Advanced Reticle Technology and be ready to engage targets at extreme ranges. Enjoy mild recoil and exceptional accuracy. Pick a caliber and call the outfitter; this rifle will perform when others fail.

Holland's SIGNATURE SERIES™ custom rifles are simply the best in the business!! These rifles are equipped with SIGNATURE SERIES™ stainless steel custom actions.

When we say custom rifle, we mean custom! Are you tired of "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" mentality when choosing stock styles? Factory rifles and most synthetic stock makers offer the same boring "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" designs in their stocks. At Holland's we think out of the box, our adjustable comb stock allows the shooter to precisely fit the comb to THEIR facial configuration allowing more rapid target acquisition and improved stock weld.

Professional Trap and Skeet shooter's know the importance of an adjustable comb stock for shotgun shooting. Shouldn't a rifle shooter who demands the most from his or her rifle have the same advantage?

Holland Adjustable Comb Rifle Stocks give you the perfect custom fit to make that shot of a lifetime!

Holland Signature Series Rifles are just $4995.00. Give us a call to build the rifle of your dreams.

Holland Signature Series Custom Rifle. Yes, one rifle can do it all. Chambered in 280 Remington and set up to shoot the 168 Berger bullet, this combination out performs a 300 Win. Mag. shooting a 180 Partition at 3000 fps. Mild recoil, fuel efficient and accurate, this rifle will handle all your big game needs.

Holland Signature Series Custom Rifle.

Holland Signature Series Custom Rifle.

2 Above: Top - Holland's 6mm XC with Adjustable Comb Thumbhole Stock. Stock color: OD green, Black, and Grey. Fitted with Nightforce 2.5 x 10 with ART. A very practical, all-around rifle for varmints, deer, and antelope. (Bottom) Holland's Signature Series 7mm-08 with Sporter Adjustable Comb Stock and Sendero Barrel Profile. Schmidt & Bender 4-16PM II rifle scope with Holland's All-MOA reticle. An ideal choice for all your big-game hunting and paper/steel targets to 800 yards.

Holland Custom Rifle with Signature Series Stock. Chambered in 6mm XC with a 4-16 Schmidt & Bender PMII with Advanced Reticle Technology makes this combination an effective 1000 yard paper, steel, varmint rifle and a 500 yard deer antelope rig.

Holland Custom Rifle with Thumbhole Stock Chambered in 7-08 and topped with a 5-25 Schmidt & Bender PMII with Advanced Reticle Technology, this gun is a joy to shoot. Makes a perfect long range practice rifle and shoots the Sierra 168 SMK into tiny groups with mild recoil. Enjoy the tactical look in a .284 bore diameter.

    Each Holland custom rifle, starting at an incredibly low price of $3495.00 (with customer-supplied Remington 700 action), comes equipped with the following accessories at NO additional cost! Jewell™ triggers w/ safety and bolt release, Holland's competition recoil lug and speed lock firing pin are standard equipment. Muzzle brakes, scopes, scope mounts, Tuff Coat™ barrel finish and custom paint are offered as options. All custom rifles are built on customer-supplied actions. We build rifles on Remington 700™ actions as well as our custom Holland Signature Series actions. CALL FOR DETAILS.

    Add a little style to your rifle with our European Jewelling or Bolt Fluting! Bolt fluting is done with 3 flutes to prevent racheting of loaded cartridges in the magazine box.

Item No. Description In Stock Our Price Buy
H-CR Holland Custom Rifle - Customer Supplied Action Yes $3895.00
H-FFCR Holland Signature Series Rifle w/ Custom Action Yes $5095.00
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